Collision: Day 1
May 20, 2019
Gino Marckx

During the opening presentation Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pointed out that the biggest challenge for organizations today is the access to talent. In order for companies to put great ideas right into the hands of their customers, they need talent to turns those ideas into reality, to market them and distribute them. Without access to that talent, thousands of amazing ideas can only collect dust on the shelves of neglected game changers…

At Xodiac we also believe that access to talent is crucial, but we address the challenge in a slightly different way. Coming from our background as business improvement consultants we believe that a lot of talent is already exactly where it needs to be, but does not get the support they need to unleash their potential. This is why we built Socrates. With the help of Socrates, your teams will build a mindset to continuously challenge the status quo, to continuously want to deliver better results. Socrates helps teams gain insights into what their strengths are, what their challenges are and how to improve on all of them.

Access to talent is indeed the biggest challenge, but don’t despair. Provide the talent you already employ with the support they need and light your employees’ spark. They will help your company shine.

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