Upcoming events

Regional Scrum Gathering Canada

Gino presents how to build powerful roadmaps.

Gatineau - Ottawa Agile Tour 2018

Peter presents how to build compliance into your pipelines while Gino helps you discover powerful roadmaps.

Information Resource Management Association of Canada

Varinder explains how to implement effective Data Governance and Data Quality.

Atlassian Summit

Peter is heading to Las Vegas to talk transformation strategy around the Atlassian toolset Atlassian Summit 2019.

Agile Ottawa Meetup Group

Gino demonstrates and teaches how to supercharge your team output.

Agile Ontario Meetup

Farah and Gino provide a workshop about delivery metrics for teams at Agile Ontario: why to measure, what to measure, how to measure and how to gain useful insights from the measurement.

Collision 2019

Xodiac presents Socrates at Collision. Find us at our booth in the startup section.

Agile & Beyond 2019

Peter explains where to find the best TACOs, what goes into them and what sauce make all the flavors come our even more at Agile & Beyond 2019.

InsightaaS and V2V community

Varinder participates in a panel discussion about the release of the Value Stream Mapping: Optimizing data processes research report. Join to get your report first hand!


Peter is talking TACOs at Canada's biggest security conference, SecTor, Securing Pipes with TACOs. Come find out more.

Lean Agile Network Meetup

Join Gino at the Lean Agile Network Meetup, learn how to measure outcomes and get concrete tips on how to improve metrics in general.

TASK Meetup

Join Peter at the Toronto Area Security Klatch (TASK) as he talks about TACO using it to bring teams together.

DevOps Institute Meetup

Join Peter online talking about top challenges in DevOps in 2020.

Devops Summit CrowdChat

Join Peter discussing how to Scale DevOps practices.

DevOps Institute SKILup day CrowdChat

Join Peter as he answers questions about AIOps and MLOps.

Agile India 2020

Join Peter at Agile India for his talk about applied coaching practices.

Agile India 2020

Join Gino at Agile India to learn more about powerful roadmaps.

Agile India 2020

Join Peter at Agile India as he talks about using TACOs to secure your pipeline.

DevOps Institute SKILup day

Join Peter as he talks about AIOps and MLOps... what's the difference.

PMINAC Lunch and Learn

Join Peter during the lunch and learn on managing organizational change.

Devops Summit 2020

Join Peter running the first ever TACO workshop.

Toronto Agile Conference 2020

Join Peter for another session on TACOs and Gino for his session on using meaningful metrics.


Join Peter for panel on DevOps in and around the data centre with Steve Pereira and David Colebatch and as a part of the run up to GCDCS20 will be discussing understanding the impact of DevOps on IT operations.

DevOps Institute Global SkilUp Festival

Join Peter for the Global SkilUp Festival and his talk on Automating Governance.

BVSSH Meetup - Americas

Join us for the first ever BVSSH meetup where we are discussing the theme of IT Theatre.

Customer Appreciation night

We're hosting a special event to celebrate our customers. Can't wait for the pictures!

DevOps Institute Global SkilUp Festival

Join Peter for the DevOps Online Summit - North America and his talk on Automating Governance with TACO.

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