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Many organizations are in the middle of a Digital, Agile, DevOps or Cloud transformation. Others are about to start their journey. Any nominal transformation brings change, which leads to fear of the unknown, frustration and resistance. A coach can help a team overcome these challenges, understand the nature of the change and be effective in the new world.

However, good coaches are hard to find and are often perceived as expensive so that only a few teams are able to benefit from their support. For many teams, there is no support... but now there is Socrates.

We just removed all your excuses for not improving. Let Socrates help your team for free.

Socrates helps build a critical mindset

I cannot teach anybody anything,
I can only make them think

Every day, Socrates challenges your team to improve. When prompted with the daily statement related to delivery capability, the team records if this statement applied to themselves and - if valuable - agrees on a single improvement action to focus on during the day.

Small incremental changes matter

If a team needs 30 seconds less than the day before to accomplish a similar amount of work, its productivity improves by 25% within the year. At 90 seconds a day, the team's productivity doubles!

Know where to improve

While the team learns to challenge its behaviour on a regular basis and develops a mindset of continuous improvement, Socrates turns the daily answers into visualization of the team's strengths and weaknesses.

5 to 10 minutes of daily interaction with Socrates ensures the team's behavioural assessment is always up to date, which enables the team to focus on improving the areas that make a real difference.

Socrates' Insights

Most teams keep track of their work in Jira, Team Foundation Server, Trello or other tools. When allowed to connect with those systems, Socrates can provide meaningful metrics related to the team's current delivery capability, visualize trends over time and shine a light on a variety of signals that indicate abnormal results.

Socrates' Insights provides proof where improvement actions impact the team's delivery capability and raises a flag before anyone on the team notices an anomaly.

An important part of coaching is to observe the team's results. Socrates' Insights provides the coach and the team with meaningful real-time observations and points them to data points that require more attention.

Socrates' Insights is currently available as a standalone module. Contact us to learn more about it.

Let Socrates help your team get better, nourish your team's continuous improvement mindset and visualize its progress.

Check out Socrates