Data Strategy

The challenge

Successful modern businesses run on data to better understand their customers and their operational efficiency, and maybe more importantly to make tactical decisions. As a result effective data management ranks high on the list of strategic objectives for many organizations. But how does one best tackle a sound data strategy? How does one setup sustainable funding for data initiatives? Or how is data architecture, quality and governance best managed? How does one ensure that data is stored securely and is compliant with guidelines like GDPR?

The opportunity

All questions above can be answered with a solid understanding of your organization's data management maturity, which will also give you insight in where to invest to reach a higher maturity level while reducing cost and increasing data quality. It will enable your organization to better target your customers and achieve your business objectives more efficiently and effectively.

Let us help you

With Xodiac's extensive data expertise and the industry-standard Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) framework, created by our partner EDM Council, you can rest assured that the future of your data management program looks bright. Beyond assessing your current data management maturity level laying out your data organization's strengths and weaknesses, we will provide you with a roadmap to achieve the appropriate level of data management maturity to achieve your business objectives.

Whether you are at the cusp of starting your data management journey or have progressed on it for a while, Xodiac will help you strengthen and implement your business case for data management.

Fact sheet

  • The data management maturity model covers 8 categories, 36 capability areas, 112 sub-capabilities and 306 objectives
  • Xodiac is one of 18 DCAM authorized partners around the globe
  • Organizations believe poor data quality is responsible for about $15 million in losses annually
  • Forbes indicates that the majority of organizations struggle to drive value from their data