Where do we start to have technology enable our business?

Create the map for your change initiative

When you need to understand how best to

We call this process Discovery.

How does it work?

Working with the major stakeholders, we collaboratively discover the business drivers behind the transformation. To create a path forward, we help identify possible options and explore them. We use this to identify and organize the required work, define your operational model and set you on the right path to success.

Think of it as the most valuable strategy workshop you will ever have, one you'll remember as guiding your business six months from now!

Xodiac really opened my eyes to approaches we had not yet considered. Their Discovery Workshop was invaluable in allowing us to determine the first steps in our journey to cloud
Participant feedback

We guide you through two phases on your discovery:

  • We work with you to clearly define the desired outcome and help you identify all the required stakeholders. From this, we create a discovery plan to fit your needs and budget. By laying out these core elements ahead of time, we focus on delivering tangible value.
  • We facilitate the workshop, guiding the stakeholders through exercises designed to continuously integrate ideas from all participants and arrive at the desired outcome. We rely on small team activities and micro-iterations to break down the work while our expert facilitators ensure you remain on track.

A Xodiac led Discovery service is the first step in setting any transformation on the right track.

Fact sheet

  • Workshop can last from a half day up to two full days
  • All stakeholders participate, not just technology
  • Followup workshops can benefit from investigating outcomes of earlier workshops
  • We have run workshops with as few as 3 people and as many as 60
With so many demands for time in re-platforming our core system, Xodiac enabled us to clearly organize the work and build a roadmap to get started.
Participant feedback

When should we use this service?

Discovery is valuable for addressing a wide variety of challenges. Some examples are:

  • Creating and aligning to a vision
  • Creating a validated high-level strategy
  • Prioritizing critical initiatives
  • Defining your product road map
  • Developing a solution to a complex problem
  • Identifying how and where technology will benefit your business
  • Kicking off a sophisticated project

Armed with a deep understanding of how to move forward, your team can now deliver on your newly created vision of the future.

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