Introducing xodiac XPRS on, a solution designed to address project delays, cost overruns, and quality concerns

Introducing xodiac XPRS on, a solution designed to address project delays, cost overruns, and quality concerns

Software Governance Assessment

Do your software delivery practices need to be simplified?

Find out where to integrate management controls and practices

Introduce fit-for-purpose modern delivery

Reduce time to market for new governance functionality

Our Software Governance Assessment will get you there in just six weeks.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You need to align governance requirements with the adoption of new ways of working and new technologies

  • You want to increase the quality of your products for current and future functionality

  • You want to reduce the manual effort involved in managing governance controls

A Governance Delivery Assessment helps you:

  • Ensure risk management, security controls, and governance practices are integrated with the delivery processes of your teams

  • Meet evolving governance requirements with minimal impact to software delivery teams

  • Simplify your ability to demonstrate compliance

Software governance assessment process


The xodiac approach

The assessment consists of three information gathering activities to create a picture of the delivery practices within your organizations. After completion, you will receive a full report and a presentation with key findings.

Step 1 - Planned sessions

  • Planned sessions with key individuals and small groups from different stakeholder areas

  • Xodiac will gather information about everyone's role in the SDLC governance

  • Questions include how decisions are made, where knowledge is stored, and how work flows through the system

The xodiac difference

  • Deep expertise and candour

  • Actionable insights

  • Learn where to start

  • Next steps you can achieve and understand

Step 2 – Documentation review

  • Review of existing documentation

  • Xodiac will identify and ask for additional relevant documentation as necessary

  • Files can include process documentation, project documentation, and compliance and process metrics

Step 3 – Value stream mapping

  • Value stream mapping workshops with stakeholders across the delivery process to build understanding of the interrelation between teams

  • The workshop collaboratively maps how the organization delivers value, identifying time spent in and between events in the value stream


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