Portfolio Design


Fix Your Alignment Problems

Are you struggling to connect your strategy to execution in the volatile market? With our Portfolio Design services, we help you achieve your business goals regardless of the turmoil.

Tackle these challenges

  • Lack of clarity regarding the current state
  • Delays in delivery
  • Inability to respond promptly to market changes or crises
  • Lack of coherence between the broad strategic objectives and the everyday tasks
  • Inefficient use of resources and staff
  • Isolated silos instead of collaborative teams

What You Get

Understand your Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify your strengths, obstacles, and waste to gain a clear understanding of your current situation.

With this service, you will

  • Identify your key strengths
  • Discover barriers and waste
  • Gain valuable insights for improvement

Alignment and Prioritization

Cultivate a focused approach to task prioritization, avoiding the pitfalls of treating all tasks as urgent.

We help you to

  • Prioritize the highest-value outcomes¬†
  • Eliminate the ‘everything is top priority’ mindset
  • Make day-to-day operational work visible

Optimize Flow

Improve how you deliver outcomes across your entire delivery organization.

We coach you to manage

  • Work in progress
  • Dependencies
  • Incoming requests

Govern the Delivery Process

Implement a transparent, repeatable process to address market and business objective changes.

We enable you to

  • Measure your ability to deliver
  • Implement a cadence to engage stakeholders¬†
  • Align service management to delivery
  • Build resilience into the system

Focus on Outcomes

  • +70% reported increased clarity of objectives

Productivity and Efficiency

  • +20% reduction in cycle time
  • +10% Increased in team throughput
  • +15% reduction in production failures

Process Improvement

  • 20% reduction in additional technical debt

Employee engagement

  • 80% reported improved job satisfaction

Based On Our Customers' Reports

Graphic of Software delivery needs to be simplified

Our Customers Also Achieved

  • More OKRs met
  • Employee happiness
  • Constant learning on the job
  • Tangible improvements in the first month
  • Reduced time in audit

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