Introducing xodiac XPRS on, a solution designed to address project delays, cost overruns, and quality concerns

Introducing xodiac XPRS on, a solution designed to address project delays, cost overruns, and quality concerns

Make better decisions faster

We reveal how to achieve the outcomes that have been so elusive to you, and lead you through the changes required to demonstrate measurable results and success.


Do you get your money's worth?

Traditional roadmaps rarely result in the intended benefit

We get it. With your head down addressing challenges it is hard to believe a proactive strategy is possible.

Organizations that take a reactive approach to minimizing risk often fail to seize the opportunity. By identifying risks and making them a fundamental part of the roadmap, we help you:

  • Clearly see the next achievable step, and even see multiple steps ahead;

  • Make your investment yield tangible results;

  • Grow a learning organization able to respond to a rapidly changing industry.

You're not alone

Many companies face the same obstacles, some on a daily basis.

  • McKinsey says 70% of digital transformations fail

  • Forbes Insights says 47% of Agile Transformations fail

  • Gartner says that 90% fail to achieve the full benefits of a DevOps transformation

Yet, pioneering companies that use technology to win in the market focus on value. And you need to as well.


Our Services

Are you ready to find out how to achieve a 20% improvement in your value delivery in just a few hours?

Xodiac Advisory Services help you achieve these results and more. Learn about our services and execution model on our Advisory Services page.

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Why us?

First of all, we understand your challenges and can help you. Unlike other organizations, we work from where you are, showing you how to introduce change incrementally without massive disruption. We guide you to finding your way of working, not to aligning with somebody else’s.

Our mission is to make your business thrive, to unleash its full potential, regardless of its size or objectives. We take you on a journey to find your best self.

Our ecosystem

Through our partner ecosystem, we bring you technology execution expertise across all aspects of your technology stack. Whether you are looking to improve your software delivery practices or undergo a cloud migration, Xodiac works with our partners to provide cohesive end-to-end solutions for clients. 

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