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Xodiac is a solution focused organization that provides coaching and consulting services to align teams across every layer of your organization. Whether you are in the midst of a transformation or about to undertake one, Xodiac's solutions help reduce risk and achieve sustainable adoption of Agile, DevOps and Data Governance practices.

Xodiac provides measurable improvement in time to value, quality and return on investment.

We partner with you to create the strategies and roadmaps necessary to drive true change into your organization. We support this with a deep understanding of what is required to transform your business, a unique partnership based approach and innovative technology.

Let Xodiac be your partner in building an organization that truly thrives.

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By implementing modern delivery practices...

Modern delivery takes a holistic view on how you deliver value. We introduce and amplify the practices that make sense for your organization, in your specific context. We do this through providing international expertise in consulting and coaching.

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Enabled by cutting edge technology...

We understand that to truly enable modern delivery practices we need to fully enable your teams with the right tools. We provide services to help you:

  • Select the right technology solutions to enable success
  • Bring the right partners to the table to execute
  • Guide your adoption of data governance practices
  • Enable your cloud strategy to succeed

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Built on creating cultures that thrive

Everyone in the organization plays a crucial role in its success. When we all have strong alignment to a common objective, it amplifies the benefits.

At the heart of all great organizations are great teams guided by great leaders. Through our data driven approach and deep knowledge of Agile and DevOps based modern practices, we work with you to empower and enable these teams at every level of your organization.

Xodiac understands how culture is fundamental to your success and offers programs to build and reinforce that culture.

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