Portfolio Design

A service for your organization alignment

Tackle These Challenges

  • Lack of Alignment Across the Company
  • Delays In Delivery
  • Inability to Respond Promptly to Changes
  • Inefficient Use of Resources
  • Isolated Silos Instead of Collaborative Teams

Experience lasting improvements

  • Fostering steady growth
  • Adopting a culture of data-driven decision-making
  • A structured Path towards Continuous improvement
  • Building Resiliency into the System

Xodiac Has Helped Others

  • Improved Delivery Efficiency: Reduced feature delivery times by 25%
  • Enhanced Strategic Planning: 30% increase in project success rates
  • Increased Operational Transparency: 20% improvement in stakeholder satisfaction
  • Boosted Stakeholder Accountability: 10% increase in overall performance
  • Optimized Resource Utilization: Increased productivity by 25%
  • Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making: 15% improvement in workflow efficiency
  • Robust Technology Integration: Improving project tracking and financial oversight by 30%
  • Comprehensive Support and Training: Boosting overall competency by 20%

Diagnostic Services

​A suite of services identifying how you can improve your development processes, align your operations, or get your projects back on track

You're not the only organization which experience

  • Low quality and high bug rates
  • Delays in software delivery
  • Inefficient and slow workflows
  • Poor communication between teams
  • Outrunning budget
  • Integration difficulties with new tools and existing systems
  • Resistance to adopting new processes and technologies
  • Lack of automation leading to manual errors
  • Misalignment of IT services with business goals
  • Frequent service outages and disruptions

A set of services to optimize development and operations

  • DevOps
  • Program Recovery
  • SDLC 
  • Service Management

Service Management


Program Recovery


Corporate Training

Knowledge and insights to upskill your teams and leaderships

Leadership Enablement​

Strategic Leadership: Empowers leaders to make informed, visionary decisions
Creating Alignment with OKR:  Ensure leaders can effectively set and achieve objectives and key results
Technology Leadership Training: Teach leaders about technological innovations for competitive advantage and operational excellence

Portfolio Enablement

Intentional Agility:  Learn how to adapt and pivot strategically, ensuring resilience and responsiveness
Customer-Centric Delivery: Learn how to focus on aligning project outcomes with customer needs, driving satisfaction and loyalty
Portfolio Design: Learn how to structure and optimize portfolios to maximize value and achieve goals

Team Enablement

Technology Management: Equips teams with the skills to manage and leverage technology for enhanced productivity and innovation effectively
 Operations: Focuses on streamlining processes and improving efficiency 
DevOps: integrates development and operations practices, fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement

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